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[Jan. 23rd, 2005|10:33 am]
the xRomance Mafiax


[mood |awakeawake]
[music |tv in the back]

-The Basics-

Age: 17
Sex: Female
Location: Brooklyn, CT

- What I <3..-

10 favorite bands: The Early November, Matchbook Romance, The Used, Hawthorne Heights, Sugarcult, Hellogoodbye, Mushroomhead, Eminem, Social Abuse, and Francine
4 favorite books: The Scarlet Letter, Thinner, The Rainy Season, and The Catcher in the Rye
5 Favorite Movies: The Crow, Grind, Hangman's Curse, Donnie Darko, and Underworld

- what i don't like..-

5 bands you dislike: Newer Metallica, Newer Marilyn Manson, Backstreet Boys, Hatebreed, and Good Charlotte
2 movies you dislike: Daddy Day Care, and American Warewolf in London
2 books you don't like: Raisin in the Sun, and the Pearl


any tattoos or piercings? 4 peircings in my ear, and 2 gages in my ears
what kinda computer do u have? An E-Machine : D
if you were a crayon,what color would u be? orange : D
what was the last thing you did before starting to fill this up? drank hot cocoa!!


what do you think about:
it sucks, and isnt good for you
.War. completely rediculous!!! what the hell is killing more ppl going to solve?... um how about NOTHING!!!
.Abortion. its not the way to go, but if you have to, then as long as it isnt partial birth abortion...
.animal rights. good, animals live too, how would you like it if you were a guinea pig?


Promote in 2 communites and post the links... i'll promote if you accept, i know its lame, but im not going to tell ppl to join a community if the ppl are assholes : \, not saying that you guys are but you know how some ppl can be...
Why Should we pick you?? because i wear my heart on my sleeve...
Post 2-4 pictures of yourserlf


[User Picture]From: darkdreamer28
2005-01-23 07:01 pm (UTC)


+the used
i'm sorry but i'm gonna have to say no.
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[User Picture]From: decmbrheartbrk
2005-01-24 02:37 pm (UTC)


+ sugarcult
-eminem, he just annoys me
overall you're app is ok, but i can't let you in without promo. We are a pretty new community and we need as much promos as we can.

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[User Picture]From: hopeles_faith14
2005-01-25 12:40 am (UTC)

Re: mod//undecided

alright, i guess ill promote you guys then, it cant harm :]
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