a theme, at last...

Alrighty everone today starts the first of our theme..Themes will be on for a month, from the 24 to the 24.
So Our first theme is:
The first thing you do

it can be a picture of the first thing you do when you get up or when you go out...or it could be an anecdote.but pictures are better.
Just make sure hen posting for the theme to put : "theme' as the subject of your post, and if you post more than 1 picture, PLEASE put it under a cut.

thank you, enjoi, and much love,
Your head mod, Nikkie


Hello hello to all members!
As seeing as we are in need of promos, i am hoping every member can post at least 2 promo each this week.
Also, darkdreamer28 , i am officially naming you my co-mod starting right....Now. and if you could send me a link to a pic of you for the info page, that would be great.
finally, if all the approved members could just pos a comment as shot out, right here, this way i could keep track and put all of you on the info page.

thx and all my love to yall.