The xRomance Mafiax

Will you marry me? Will you bury me? Will you carry me til the end?

the xRomance Mafiax
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1. Don't lie. Lying is ugly.
2. All applications must be under an lj-cut(if u don't know how,look in the lj faq) or I delete them.
3. You must be at least 14-15 years old to join. I'm not here to play online babysitter.
4. Don't be an idiot. If you're rejected, quit the community, or i'll ban u.
5.You have to be approved in order to comment or post.
6. respect the gofathers/godmothers/mods.
7. You must put " Bye Bye Beautiful, Don't Bother to Write" as the title to show you've read the rules.
8. Promote god dammit!
9. when voting please put your decision(as in yes or no) in title, and list why.

Starting next month we will also have a monthly theme , where all the members should feel free to post.
-The Basics-


- What I <3..-

10 favorite bands:
4 favorite books:
5 Favorite Movies:

- what i don't like..-

5 bands you dislike:
2 movies you dislike:
2 books you don't like:

any tattoos or piercings?
what kinda computer do u have?
if you were a crayon,what color would u be?
what was the last thing you did before starting to fill this up?


what do you think about:
.animal rights.

Promote in 2 communites and post the links
Why Should we pick you??
Post 2-4 pictures of yourserlf


Your lovely mods:

Nikkie aka decmbrheartbrk, Head mod

alifeoncelost_, aka Michelle, Mod

darkdreamer28, Mod


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Affiliated Communities

a community calledxcr0ss_my_h3art, which is pretty awesome.

if any community would like to affiliate themselves to us, just comment in any post of my personal journal with your banner.

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